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Region 3 President, Blake Southerland, brought the school to order and introduced the guest speakers.  The school was attended by 140 people.

       Region 3 Middle TN Pest Control Association would like to thank all the speakers who give their knowledge and time to ensure we get the training required by the state and also the companies they work for who allow them to continue teaching in our schools.   TN Department of Agriculture, BASF, FMC, Corteva, Oldham Chemical Company and Forshaw

Our first speaker was Jerry Seabolt from the TN Dept. of Agriculture talking on Pesticide, Safety, Environment and Labeling.

Nick Iverson of BASF spoke on Ants

Mark Cavanaugh of Forshaw spoke on Bed Bugs

Eric Ham of FMC talked about IPM & Spider Control

Madison Marstellar of Corteva spoke on Termites

Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Company spoke on Equipment Safety

Jacque Estes manned the registration table and helped answer certification point questions.

We had a large attendance and are always grateful to the pest control companies who support our Region 3 schools, without you, there would be no Region 3 so thank you. 

Region 3  2018-2019 President, Blake Southerland, opened the Winter School and introduced the speakers, there were 143 people in attendance.

Glen Thomas of Univar spoke on Mosquitoes

Isaac Kelton of BWI spoke on Safety & Spills

Paul Strickland of Bayer CropScience spoke on Spiders

Eric Ham of FMC spoke on Safety

John Murray of Liphatech spoke on Rodent Control

Michael Clark, Region 3 President, opened up the Spring School 2018 Program.                               We had 95 people attending this school.    Thank you to all the speakers and the companies they work for  who take their time to educate our technicians.

Jerry Seabolt, Tennessee Department of Agriculture spoke on Pesticide Safety & the Environment

 Nick Iverson of BASF spoke on Termite Biology, Behavior and Control.

Paul Strickland of Bayer spoke on Bed Bugs

Drew Lockhart of Zoecon spoke on Mosquitoes

Eric Ham of FMC spoke on IPM Flea Control

Mark Cavanaugh of Forshaw spoke on Pest Ants

 Jerry Seabolt, Michael Clark with Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Company.

124 people attended our 2017 Winter School.  Thanks goes to all the speakers who participated and our Region 3 President Michael Clark and Training Director, Dennis Waldrop for heading up the program all day and Jacque Estes and Tom Dixon for manning the registration table.

We Sincerely want to thank Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Co, David James of Forshaw Inc. and Larry Stretz of Syngenta for pitching in and filling speakers slots that had to cancel - you guys are life savers.

Region 3 President, Patrick Smith, presented David James of Forshaw Inc. a plaque of appreciation for his 23 years of helping Region 3 with schools and meetings.  David retired on March 24th - we appreciate David's dedication in educating the members of the pest control industry and wish him the best in his new life.  David thanked everyone and also thanked everyone for the continued prayers for his wife, Terri, during her cancer treatments - we will keep you both in our prayers.  Thank you David..

David James talked on Perimeter Pest Control and Label Changes Concerning Pollinators

Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical talked on Thinking and Working Safely and gave a slide presentation on Cockroaches made in 1959

Larry Stretz of Syngenta spoke on Rodents, Reducing Ant Call Backs and Mosquitoes

Jacque and Tina manned the registration table and got the 109 attendees logged into the computer.  Thanks girls, I don't know what we would do without you.

Region 3 President, Patrick Smith, opened up the program and introduced the speakes to the 150 attendees.    Eric Ham of FMS talked on Spider Control, Glen Thomas of Univar talks on Mosquitoes, Nick Iverson of BASF spoke on Ant Biology & Control.

Jerry Seabolt of the TN Dept. of Agriculture talked on Rules & Laws for the Pest Control Industry.  Drew Lockhart of Zoecon spoke about Carpenter Bees and Carpenter Antz and Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Company spoke on Thinking & Working Safely. We can't thank these gentlemen enough for the time they take to help in our continued education.  Jacque is always there to help with registration.

Thank you to the companies and agencies for allowing their knowledgeable chemical representatives, distributors and pesticide supervisors to speak at our schools, your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Blake Dotson spoke on cockroach Biology & Control  --   David James spoke on Bedbug Reasearch and updates -   Glen Thomas spoke on Pest Control in Sensitive Accounts - Larry Stretz spoke on Mosquitoes, biology, behavior and control

Michael Clark Region 3 President opened the program and did introductions - Tom Nay of Rockwell Labs spoke small flies -  Reid Isper of Nisus spoke on Ants and their Control.  - Tina Drnek checked in our 84 attendees.


Our 2015 Winter School was attended by 80 people and we had some very good speakers.  Region 3 would like to thank Larry Stretz of Syngenta,  Eric Ham of FMC, David James of Forshaw, Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Co., Glenn Thomas of Univar and Jerry Seabolt of the TN Dept. of Agriculture for giving their experience in the pest control field and time to teach all our attendees, we really appreciate all you do for us year after year.

The  Region 3 Spring 2015 School was attended by 62 people.  Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical welcomed the attendees.  We want to thank our speakers:  Jim Orr of Univar, David James of Forshaw, Drew Lockhart of Zoecon and Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical.  We appreciate them taking time to share their knowledge with us and appreciate their companies for allowing them to participate.

The Region 3 Fall Panic School was attended by 87 people in the morning session and 61 in the afternoon session.  Region 3 President, Johnny Hunter welcomed the guest speakers and attendees.  We want to extend our thanks to the speakers:   Jerry Seabolt of the TN Dept. of Agriculture, Drew Lockhart of Zoecon, Blake Dotson of BayerCrop Science, Larry Stretz of Syngenta, David James of Forshaw Inc, and Eric Ham of FMC.  We really appreciate the time these gentlemen take to educate us year after year - Thank you so much. 

Region 3 President, Johnnie Hunter, welcomed the attendees and speakers to the 2014 Panic School.      

Jerry Seabolt, Structural Supervisor at the TN Dept of Agriculture spoke on The Law & Record Keeping and Safety.

Drew Lockhart of Zoecon spoke on Mosquitoes.

Blake Dotson of Bayer Crop Science spoke on Pest Ants 101.

Larry Stretz of Syngenta spoke on Spiders:  Eight Legs & Nine Lives.

David James of Forshaw Inc. spoke on Bed Bugs.

Eric Ham of FMC Professional Solutions spoke on 21st Century Filth Fly Control - Increasing the Value of Your Service.

Jacque Estes registered the attendees for the programs.

A Big Thank You to all the speakers and their Companies for supporting our schools.             We also want to Thank Patrick Smith and his helpers from Ace Exterminating who assisted with the parking.

The Region 3 Summer School was attended by 83 people.  Johnny Hunter, Region 3 President welcomed the guest speakers and attendees.  We want to extend our thanks to the speakers, John Fortino of Bayer Environmental, Nick Iverson of BASF, Jim Orr of Univar and Eric Ham of FMC, they all did a terriffic job of educating our attendees.  Thanks also to the support team, Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical,  Jacque Estes for working the registration and Johnny Hunter and Patrick Smith of Ace Exterminating for opening the program and helping with parking.

Johnny Hunter, President Region 3 TPCA welcomes the guest speakers and attendees.

Eric Ham of FMC spoke on fleas

Nick Iverson of BASF spoke on Bed Bugs

John Fortino of Bayer Environmental spoke on Perimeter Pests

Jim Orr of Univar spoke on Spiders

Registration manned by Jacque Estes

We had 83 attendees

Thanks to our Training Director, Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemicals.

The Region 3 Winter School was attended by 115 people and everyone seemed to enjoy the program.  Burl Hiles, President of Region 3, welcome the speakers and attendees and introduced the speakers to the audience.  We want to extend our thanks to the participants Eric Ham of FMC, Jim Orr of Univar, Blake Dotson of Bayer Cropscience, Drew Lockhart of Zoecon and Steve Sullivan of Bell Labs.  We also want to thank Dennis Waldrop of Oldham who is our training Director and Jacque Estes who helped man the registration table.  Without the help of these people and their companies we would have a difficult time getting our mandatory points and we are always grateful that they will readily jump in to help.

Our Fall Panic School was held on October 2 and attended by 122 people.  Region 3 want to sincerely thank the speakers who gave their time to educate our attendees:  Jerry Seabolt of the TN Department of Agriculture,   Steve Sullivan of Bell Labs,    David James of Forshaw Distribution,   Blake Dotson of Bayer Environmental   and Jim Orr of Univar.  These gentlemen do an excellent job in educating us on various pests, products and laws and without them we would be hard pressed to get our required certification training -   We also want to thank Dennis Waldrop with Oldham chemical Co. for working as our Training Director and Oldham Chemical Company for allowing him do so - Dennis is a tremendous asset to all of us.  Again Thank you.  (note:  there are no photos this time, Carol forgot the camera and I apologize for that, I now have a check off list for the Winter School )


Our winter school was very successful with 194 in attendance.  We want to thank those who spoke to the attendees, Jerry Seabolt and Phil Hurst of the TN Dept of Agriculture,  Brian Cope of MGK and Dr. Janet Early of Nisus - you all did a great job.  Also I want to thank Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical, our Training Director for getting all the speakers and Tina Drnek for pitching in to help with registration.

Tom Dixon, Region 3 President welcomed our guests and speakers.

Jerry Seabolt, Tennessee Department of Agriculture spoke on Current Laws and Rules.

Phil Hurst of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture talked on chemical and pesticide spills.

Brian Cope of MGK spoke on cockroach control

Dr. Janet Early of Nisus spoke on perimeter pests

Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical and Tina Drnek of Pest Guard - the people behind the sceans but very important.  Thank you.

Our Fall School was attended by 146 people.  We want to thank all those who attended and also those who put on the program.

Drew Lockhart of Zoecon      Nick Iverson of BASF  and Jerry Seabolt of the TN Dept. of Agriculture.  Thank you for you time and exptertise.

Our 2012 Winter School was very successful with 115 in attendance.  We appreciate all our speakers:  Eric Ham of FMC,  Jim Orr of Univar,  Jeff Baker from Oldham Chemical and Jerry Seabolt from the Dept. of Agriculture - thank you each one.

Our Panic School was attended by 64 participants.  Thanks goes out to our speakers, Phil Hurst ot TN Dept. of Agriculture who talked about Law and Regulations that Impact the Pest Control Industry, Eric Ham of FMC Corporation who talked on fleas and perimeter pest management and Jerry O'Hara from Anstar who spoke on Fly Control.  Also thanks to Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Co., our training director who always does a great job, Jacque Estes who mans the registration table and our Region 3 President Julie Yant for opening the program.

Our Winter school was attended by 147 participants.  We had several very good speakers Steve Sullivan of Bell Laboratories, Robert Cooper of Prentiss Incorporated, Jerry Seabolt of the TN. Dept.of Agriculture and David James of Forshaw Distribution.  We really appreciate these gentlemen sharing their time and knowledge to educate our attendees.

Our Region 3 Fall School was great with 243 in attendance, great speakers and Tommy and Marsha Reeves of Oldham Chemical company came with their staff, Bobby, Dennis and Don and cooked lunch for everyone, that was a lot of dogs.  Thanks so much for the continued support of Oldham Chemical Company and the following speakers and companies: Nick Iverson of BASF, Scott Broaddus ofBayer Enviromental, George Cross of Arrow Exterminating, Eric Ham ofNisus, Don Wilson of DePont and Jerry Seabolt of the TN Dept. of Agriculture.  Everyone enjoyed the programs and left very informed.

Our guest speakers did a wonderful job and we had a lot of good comments from the attendees on the presentations.  We certainly appreciate the time all these gentlemen take to keep up informed and up to date.  We also want to Thank Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical who always finds us great speakers and works tirelessly to organize training programs for a lot of people all over the state and Thanks again to Oldham for allowing Dennis to help us out so much.

Not only did the Oldham folks shop for a cook all the food, they served it and did the clean up - What an impressive Team and generous.  The guest speakers jumped right in to help in any way they could.  Thanks to all of you for making our school such a success.

Tommy and Scott cut piles of onions for the dogs.  Jacque checked in all the attendees twice and did an excellent job.  We managed to get Don in a photo, which isn't an easy task.  .

Jeffrey Tucker B.C.E. Urban Entomologist, Entomology Associates, Inc.

The BASF smartsolutions 2010 Skill Development Seminar was held at the Dept of Agriculture on March 23rd and attended by 215 people. Jeffrey Tucker gave presentations on ants, rodents and bed bugs along with BASF Reps Nick Iverson and Kyle.   Region 3 helped to promote the program with Nick Iverson.  Region 3 secreatary Carol Lane and her sister Jacque Estes spent a lot of hours getting the word out, setting up the venue, making sure everyone got registered and had snacks and also stayed to do the tear down and clean up.    Here are some photos from the event from set up to class.

The Region 3 Middle Tennessee Pest Control Association Winter School of 2010.  The class was attended by 142 people.   Tom Nay of Rockwell Labs started the program off with presentations on cockroaches and small flies.   David James of Forshaw Distribution followed with a presentation on bed bugs which was full of great slides and video he had taken on bed bug jobs he has been on.  Joe Manna with Univar ended the program with great information on commercial kitchen inspections.      Thanks to the Department of Agriculture for creating the online attendance registration program; we were able to register everyone quickly and the points were actually applied the same day.          We want to thank all the speakers for making the class possible and Dennis Waldrop and Jeff Baker of Oldham Chemical for organizing the speakers and opening the program.   We would also like to thank Jacque Estes for manning the registration table.


Region 3 MTPCA assisted Jay Bradley and Jeffrey Tucker, B.C.E. of Whitmire Micro-Gen, in getting their IPM Specialist Skill Development Seminar together on March 3 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Nashville.  The event was attended by 250 people, who learned about customer focus, green, organic and other special needs in pest control and the benefits of IPM in every account.

The pest control community of middle Tennessee greatly appreciates Whitmire Micro-Gen, Jay and Jeffrey for sharing their knowledge and expertise to educate our technicians on the importance and need for these services.  We also want to thank Whitmire Micro-Gen for bringing us these skill development seminars for the past two years, at no cost to the owner/technician.

Jeffrey Tucker and Jay Bradley address the audience.                             Joe Manna of Univar, David James of Forshaw Distribution, and Dennis Waldrop were on hand to help with registration.  Jerry Seabolt of the Dept. of Agriculture, and the Region 3 President, Andy Yant, were also in attendance.

The school was a great success, despite inclement weather conditions.  We had a total of 176 in attendance.  I want to thank everyone who helped make this a success, as well as all the attendees who ventured out in the poor weather conditions.

Jay Bradley of Whitmire Micro-Gen, Walt  Weinwum of Bayer Environmental and Jeff Baker of Oldham Chemical gave really informative presentations, and we thank these gentlemen for their time and help.

Registration was done by Kathy Booker, on the computer this time, and was much faster than writing on a sign up sheet.  The good news is, within 24 hours it will be posted on your point roster.  This will be the way we do most registrations in the future.  Kathy Booker, and her assistant Rick, worked really hard to get this program in place.  It is a real time saver and will keep your points up to date in a more timely manner.

Photos from the 2009 Winter School (January 27, 2009):