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Region 3 President, Blake Southerland, brought the meeting to orders.  The May meeting was attended by 35 people representing 8 pest control companies, 3 people from bwi and 3 other.    Topics discussed were the newly elected Region 3 president elect, Bobby Yant of P.E.S.T., Inc and the membership approved Ryan Roth Terminix to be the president elect in the 2019-2020 year.   The Special called meeting on April 30th was held to discuss continued Joint membership with NPMA and their dues increase, members of NPMA spoke and explained the increase and benefits, a vote of attending companies was taken and it was decided to remain with joint membership.   Blake mentioned the UT Karen Vail scholarship fund the TPCA is promoting and the membership voted to donate $500 to this fund.  Blake mentioned the TPCA Summer Conference scheduled for July 10-12 at Wilderness of the Smokies in Sevierville TN and encouraged members to attend.  the guest speaker was Isaac Kelton of bwi

Isaac Kelton of bwi gave a talk and slide presentation on cockroaches, id, habits, inspection and treatment options.

Region 3 President, Blake Southerland, brought the meeting to order.  The March Meeting was attended by 37 people representing 7 pest control companies, 2 chemical reps/distributors and 2 other.  Topics discussed were:  computer changes at the Dept. of Ag and changes in certification/licensing testing now being done by PSI services (information can be found on this website under Dept. of Ag and Training.  There is also discussion of changing the point system from 30 during the certification period to 21 and discussion on a TPCA special meeting to be held on April 30th at All American Pest Control training office about discontinuing Joint membership with NPMA due to the 35-40% increase in their dues coming up in July.     The Region 3 Annual $1,000 scholarship program is now accepting applications, found on this website, must be postmarked by midnight April 30th.

Madison Marstellar of Corteva, gave a talk and slide presentation on Termites .

The January meeting was brought to order by Region 3 President, Blake Southerland, and was attended by 37 people representing 7 companies, 2 chemical reps and 3 other.

Mark Cavanaugh of Forshaw gave a talk and slide show on IPM Commensal Rodents. 

Region 3 President, Blake Southerland, opened the November meeting that was attended by 34 people representing 8 pest control companies, 1 distributor and 2 other.

Jerry Seabolt of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture gave a talk on Pesticide Safety, Environment and Labeling.

Andy Yant opened our September meeting for our President, Blake Southerland.  The meeting was attended by 28 people representing 6 companies, 2 chemical reps/vendors and 2 other.

Nick Iverson of BASF was our guest speaker who talked about baits and baiting for various insects and rodents.

Michael Clark, Region 3 President 2017-2018 opened the meeting.  The July meeting was attended by 53 people representing 11 companies, 2 chemical reps/distributors and 5 others.

Michael presented the 9th annual $1,000 scholarship to Natalie Welch, grand daughter of long time Region 3 member Dale Sheppard (BelleMeade Exterminating, Tennessee Valley Healthcare System and Mosquito Authority)  Ms. Welch will be attending the University of Tennessee Knoxville and will be studying graphic design and Spanish.

Michael Clark presented the gavel to the Region 3 MTPCA  2018-2019 President, Blake Southerland.

The 2018-2019 Region 3 President, Blake Southerland, presented a plaque of appreciation to Michael Clark thanking him for his commitment and work with Region 3 during his presidency. 

Mark Cavanaugh of Forshaw gave a class and presentation on The ABC's of Mosquitoes.

Region 3 President, Michael Clark, brought the meeting to order, there were 15 people in attendance representing 7 companies, 2 reps/distributors (Corteva (Dow) and BWI) and 2 others.

 Madison Marsteller of Corteva (Dow) gave a presentation on Termites and talked about how they travel and different methods of treatment.

Andy Yant, President  Tennessee Pest Control Association (TPCA) spoke about the upcoming TPCA Summer Conference being held July 10-12 in Chattanooga and encouraged everyone to attend.  a Registration form can be found on this website  under the TPCA tab.        Andy also mentioned the law has passed allowing pest control companies to put their charter numbers (2 inch) on their vehicles only and no longer have to put it on tickets or other objects.  This should come into affect in July.

Region 3 President, Michael Clark, brought the meeting to order.  The meeting was attended by 37 people representing 9 pest control companies, 5 distributors/chemical reps and 1 other.

Matthew Titshaw of Liphatech spoke on Rodent Behavior and Control

Region 3 President, Michael Clark, brought the meeting to order.  The meeting was attended by 44 people representing 9 companies, 2 distributors and 5 other. 

Blake Southerland of Northwest Exterminating has been elected the Region 3 President Designate for 2017-2018.  Blake will assume the role of President at our July meeting.

Jerry Seabolt of the TN Dept. of Agriculture gave a talk and slide presentation on Pesticide Safety, The Environment and Labeling.

The November  2017 meeting was called to order by Region 3 President, Michael Clark and attended by 42 people representing 11 companies, 2 distributors and 2 others.

Mark Cavanaugh of Forshaw was our guest speaker who did a talk and slide presentation on bed bugs.

Region 3  2017-2018 President, Michael Clark, brought the meeting to order.  There were 31 people in attendance representing 8 companies, 4 distributors and 3 other.

Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Company gave a talk on ' 10 things every pest management professional needs to know before they do any treatment.

Jerry Seabolt, Structural Supervisor, TN Department of Agriculture spoke about changes in the certification testing places and dates tests will be given and he also stated during the next certification period 2018-2020 technicians will only have 2 1/2 years to get their points as the certification end date will be June 30 instead of December 31, after 2020 it will go back to 3 years.

Stuart Roach of briostack, a pest control software company was introduced and he invited people to call on him with their pest control software needs.

Patrick Smith, Region 3 President 2016-2017 brought the meeting to order.  We had  53 people present representing 13 companies, 1 distributor, 1 chemical rep and 2 other. 

Michael Clark, 2017-2018 Region 3 President presented a plaque of appreciation to Patrick for a job well done during his year as President, we appreciate all your hard work - Patrick handed over the gavel for Michael to being his year.

Michael Clark presented Savannah Broadway with the 8th annual Region 3 $1,000 Scholarship.  Savannah works part time at P.E.S.T. Inc. and enrolled in the  Forensic Science program at MTSU.  Savannah hopes to work for the TBI as a forensic science agent upon graduation.  Congratulations and we wish you much success in your chosen career.

Nick Iverson of BASF gave a talk on new products coming out and how they are different from others, changes in the way we are now doing pest control and changes in problem pests compared to several years ago.

Patrick Smith, Region 3 President, brought the meeting to order.  The May meeting was attended by 44 people representing 7 companies, 1 chemical representative and 2 other.   Patrick mentioned the passing of two Region 3 members, Kenneth Reynolds of Apple's Environmental Pest Management Solutions in Lebanon and long time, retired member, Harold Spray of Spray's Exterminating.

Larry Stretz of Syngenta gave a talk and slide presentation on Mosquito biology, behavior and control.

Note:  I apologize for not getting around to taking photos of the meeting

Patrick Smith, Region 3 President, brought the meeting to order, there were 63 people in attendance representing 10 pest control companies, 1 distributor and 2 other.   Patrick recognized new attendees, and gave information on the Region 3 March 22nd school and the Region 3 8th annual scholarship which is now open for applicants, he noted information on the scholarship can be found on our website under the scholarship tab.

Patrick introduced Michael Clark of P.E.S.T. Inc. who was voted in as the Region 3  2017-2018 President

Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Company was our guest speaker who talked about equipment and safety.

Region 3 MTPCA President, Patrick Smith< opened the January 2017 meeting, there were 23 people present representing 5 pest control companies, 4 distributor/representatives and 2 other.

Drew Lockhart of Zoecon gave a very interesting talk on carpenter ants and carpenter bees. 

Region 3 MTPCA President, Patrick Smith opened the November meeting, there were 45 people there representing 8 companies, 1 chemical representative and 3 other.

Glen Thomas of Univar spoke on Safety & Sensitive Accounts and the Zika Virus. 

Region 3 MTPCA President, Patrick Smith opened the September meeting, there were 23 people in attendance representing 10 companies, 3 chemical distributors and 5 other.

David James of Forshaw Inc talked on PPE's, proper clothing for the job, spill control products and Tennessee being a 'Label' state - know your label instruction for safety.

Jerry Seabolt, Structural Supervisor, TN Dept. of Agriculture spoke on examples of chronic toxicity, toxicity hazards, routes of entry into the body, how to avoid pesticide exposure.  He also stated if a technician is not wearing the required PPE for the job/pesticide he can be fined $250 to $1,000 depending if it's the first or fourth violation.

2015-2016 Region 3 President, Michael Clark, turned the gavel over to incoming 2016-2017 President Patrick Smith.   

Michael Clark, Region 3 President 2015-2016 receiving plaque of appreciation from Region 3 for his outstanding work during the past year with the association.  Thank you Michael for a job well done, we appreciate your time and dedication.

Joseph Plummer received the Region 3 Seventh Annual Scholarship of $1,000 at the July 2016 meeting.  Joseph attends Southern Illinois University and is studying architecture with a minor in construction management.  Joseph is the son of Russ and Denise Plummer of Hendersonville .  Joseph's grandmother, Lois Mullet,  works for ChemScape Pest Control & Termite Services in Hendersonville and Joseph has worked for ChemScape for two summers.  Congratulations and best wishes for a bright future from Region 3 Middle TN Pest Control Association.

Eric Ham of FMC gave a talk and slide presentation on the ABCs of Mosquito Control.

I forgot to take photos at the May meeting but Region 3 President Michael Clark brought the meeting to order and introduced Jerry Seabolt of the TN Department of Agriculture Regulatory service who gave a talk and slide presentation on the CDC program on mosquitoes and the Zika Virus.   Our tab labeled "MOSQUITOES" on the left has information from that program and we are adding weekly upates as received.

Michal has done an excellent job of getting speakers for our meetings this past year, he will be passing the gavel to our 2016-2017 President, Patrick Smith during our July 21st meeting.  Thank you Michael.

Region 3 President, Michael Clark brought the meeting to order.  The meeting was attended by 22 people representing 12 pest control companies and 4 other.

Jeff Baker of Oldham Chemical Company gave a talk and slide presentation on Equipment, getting it ready for the season ( pumps, tanks, hoses, guns etc.

We met at Ryan's Grill & Buffet on Gallatin Pike in Madison, this will be our new meeting space.

Region 3 President, Michael Clark, brought the meeting to order.  Some business that was conducted included voting for Region 3 President Designate.  We only had one nominee and a verbal vote was taken and passed to elect Patrick Smith of Ace Exterminating.  Patrick will take over as President 20106-2017 at the July 2016 meeting.   Michael also mentioned the upcoming Mid-Atlatic Mosquito Control Asoc. Conference being held in Nashville March 30-April 1 at the Opryland Hotel, again, the information is available here under the TMVCA and Training tabs.  Andy Yant, TPCA representative encouraged members to attend the TPCA Winter Conference being held in Nashville on February 23rd.  They need at least 16 companies represented to do any voting.  Carol Lane reminded people that we are now taking applications for the 2016 Region 3 $1,000 Scholarship.  Information can be found on this website under the Scholarship tab.   Carol also stated she is in the process of organizing a Spring Certification School for March 15 in Nashville, this information will be available on the web site under the Training tab as soon as speakers are secured.  Jerry Seabolt of the TN Dept. of Agriculture mentioned some rule changes that may be coming up in the near future - as soon as these have been approved we will put the information on the website. 

 David James of Forshaw gave an informative talk on Bedbug Research using in formation he got from Susan Jones of Ohio State University who is one of the top researchers in the country on bedbug control.  He touched on products that were getting better results, resistance and other practices used outside of chemicals.

Michael Clark, President of Region 3 seen here joined by his son and wife and Mark Cavanaugh of Forshaw and his wife and Jerry Seabolt of TN Dept of Agriculture .   Michael opened the meeting and introduced our guest speaker below:

Larry Stretz of Sygenta gave a talk on cockroach biology and baits 

Michael Clark, Region 3 President brought the September 17 meeting to order and introduced our guest speaker, Eric Ham of FMC.  Michael also mentioned that NPMA was meeting at the Opryland Hotel October 20-23 and there would be a Technicians Day on October 22. 

Eric Ham of FMC gave a talk on IPM Spider Control - Making it work for you.

Region 3 President 2014-2015 Johnnie Hunter, presented the 5th annual $1,000 scholarship award to Jessica Jackson.  Jessica is the daughter of Timothy Jackson of Ace Exterminating and is a junior at the University of Tennessee.  Jessica's major is mathematics with a minor in VolsTech (a specialized education program at UT for math and science majors who want to become secondary teachers.  Jessica hopes to be a high school math teacher by the fall of 2017 and be able to inspire her students to have the passion for math that she does.  Congratulations Jessica and best wishes for your future.

Johnnie Hunter presented the gavel to incoming Region 3 President 2015-2016 Michael Clark of P.E.S.T. Inc.

Michael Clark, Region 3 President 2015-2016 presents a plaque of appreciation to Johnnie Hunter our outgoing President.  Johnnie has done a wonderful job this year of getting interesting speakers for our meetings and helping the companies set up their own safety training programs by allowing the use of the Ace Safety Training Manual to adapt for their own company.  Thank you Johnnie for a wonderful job.

Jason Elkins of 100 Cups Consulting gave a talk on telling the right story in marketing to build the right audience.

 Jerry Seabolt of the TN Dept. of Agriculture talked about pest control records and things that will be looked for on use of rodenticides and treatment of wood destroying insects.

Johnnie Hunter, President Region 3 brought the meeting to order and introduced our guest speaker Larry Stretz of Syngenta.

Larry Stretz of Syngenta gave a talk and slide show on perimeter pests with emphasis on the odorous house ant.

Johnnie Hunter, President Region 3 brought the meeting to order and introduced Garrett Rea, Consultation Program Manager, Tennessee OSHA, State of Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development who gave a talk on work place safety and the importance of training your employees on safety. 

Garret Rea, Consultation Program Manager, Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  Garrett had worked with Johnnie Hunter and Tammy Briscoe of Ace Exterminating in developing the Safety Training Manual for Ace Exterminating.  Garrett stated this manual was well put together and required lots of research and man hours to complete. (see below)

Ace Exterminating has graciously offered to allow other pest control companies to copy their manual and make any changes that are more suitable for their particular company.  the PDF files for the manual on found on this website under the OSHA training tab.  There is also a power point version available if you contact Tammy Briscoe by Email at  tammy@aceexterminating.info Region 3 is grateful to Ace to allowing the use of their manual as they have put many hours into developing it - we ask that in your own training manual that you give them credit and acknowledgement for their generosity.


Andy Yant gave an update on Legislation moving through the committee process this past week. 

Andy Yant gave an update on Legislation moving through the committee process this past week.  the 4 Bills are listed here.  You can follow their progress by going to the internet to this address:      http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=SB0321      This is the Secretary of State's web site where pending "rules" are published.  This would be the place where the Department of Ag would publish any proposed fee increases" going forward.  the ore eyes we have on it the better.                   

Johnnie Hunter, President Region 3 brought the meeting to order.  Johnnie also talked about the TPCA Winter Conference scheduled for February 3 in Nashville and the NPMA Southern Conference scheduled for February 10-11 in Memphis.  The TPCA Summer Conference will be at Wilderness of the Smokies June 29-July 1

Jim Orr of Univar gave a presentation on Rodent Pest Management.

Jerry Seabolt, Structural Supervisor AG Inputs & Pesticides gave a 2 hour presentation on Laws, Rules, Regulations and Record Keeping.

Johnnie Hunter, Region 3 President opened up the meeting.

David James of Forshaw Inc. spoke on crawl space moisture control and how it helps in controlling termites, other insects and fungi.

Jerry Seabolt Structural Supervisor for the Dept. of Agrculture talked about the Dept. of Agriculture Inspectors and what they are loking for when inspecting records.  He put emphasis on the need to record any pesticide information for inside a structure and outside a structure separately - detailing if it is C&C, band, spot etc. along with all the required information on that product.

Burl Hiles, Region 3 President 2013-2014 opened the July meeting.  Burl presented the Region 3 TPCA 2014 Scholarship to Andrea Butler and also handed the gavel over to incoming Region 3 President for 2014-2015 Johnnie Hunter.   Photos below

Burl presented the 2014 Region 3 $1,000 Scholarship to Andrea Butler, daughter of Matt Butler of Butler's Pest Solution in Dickson, TN.   Andrea attends Austin Peay University in Clarksville and is pursuing a bachelor's of science degree in interdisciplinary studies and a minor in professional education. Andrea also works two jobs and participates in a number of school and charity activities while maintaining an excellent grade average.   Andrea hopes to be teaching in the Dickson area by fall of 2015.   Region 3 TPCA commends Andrea for all of her hard work and wishes her much success in her educatinal and life goals.

Burl Hiles hands over gavel to incoming Region 3 President, Johnnie Hunter.

  Johnnie Hunter presented a plaque of appreciation to 2013-2014 Region 3 President Burl Hiles.  Burl did a great job bringing speakers and information to the past years' meeting and we appreciate his time and hard work.

Jim Orr of Univar gave a presentation on the Mosquito Chikungunya Virus.

Region 3 President Burl Hiles brought the meetig to order.

Our guest speaker was Patrick Callahan of P&L Systems who gave a talk on flies and fly lights.

Region 3 President Burl Hiles brought the meeting to order.  Burl talked about the NPMA's successful lobbying efforts to stop the Wildlife Service from doing exclusion/rat control for large companies such as bakeries as that was taking away from the PCO's livelihood.  Burl stated they are now working on lobbying against a group who is lobbying to stop he use of neonecanoids (such as premise) stating they believe this is the real cause of bee colony collapse.  Burl encouraged all PCO's to contact their congressman and state they are against this Bill. 

David Markowski, President TPCA was in the audience and talked on the upcoming TPCA Summer Conference that will be held at Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Alabama in July.  

Larry Stretz of Syngenta gave a presentation on Termite biology and control

Region 3 President Burl Hiles brought the meeting to order and introduced the guest speakers Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical who talked about sprayer maintenance and how to mainting pumps and sprayers in the winter months.  We also had Lynn Riley and Bob Beasly who talked about Red Cap uniforms.  We will put information about Red Cap uniforms on our Links tab as soon as we get the information.  They offer good pricing on any amount of uniforms ordered and quality materials.   Burl also reminded the membership about the TPCA Lifetime Achievement Awards, nominees need to be in by the end of March and the Region 3 $1,000 Scholarship, applications need to be post marked by midnigiht April 30.  Information on both these awards can be found on this website under the TPCA tab and Scholarship tab.

Dennis of Oldham Chemical speaking on sprayer winter maintenance.

 Lynn Riley and Bob Beasley of RedKap Industries speaking on uniforms.  you can access their catalog at http://www.redkap.com/

Region 3 President Burl Hiles brought the meeting to order.  Burl stated we had one nominee for Region 3 President Designate, Johnny Hunter of Ace Exterminating.  Johnny accepted the nomination and a vote was taken at the meeting and passed.  Johnny will take over as Region 3 President at the July 2014 meeting.   Al Foster stated it was time for nominations for Lifetime Achievement Awards.  Information can be found on our web site under the TPCA tab.  All nominations need to be sent to Al or Sandy by the end of March.

Nick Iverson of BASF gave a talk on Termidor HE.

Our sympathies go out to Andy Yant of P.E.S.T. inc. and his brother Scotty Yant of Ace Exterminatig who lost their father this past week.  We also want to express our sympathy to Tommy Reeves of Oldham Chemical Co. who lost his mom last month.  We passed around cards to sign and be sent to these members.


Region 3 President Burl Hiles brought the meeting to order.  Burl mentioned that Region 3 was seeking nominees for Region 3 President designate and asked that any nominees names be sent to him or Carol, you can e mail nominees to Carol at kayakcarol@bellsouth.net .   Burl also encouraged the membership to attend the September 30 TPCA Owner & Managers Retreat being held at Montgomery Bell State Park.

David James of Forshaw Distribution talked about the new OSHA SDS which is replacing the MSDA.  Training should be done for everyone by December 1.  David stated if any company wants him to come in to the office to do this training please give him a call. 

Tom Dixon, 2012-2013 President of Region 3 TPCA presents the Region 3 $1,000 scholarship to Kelly Snyder, daughter of Tina and John Drnek of Pest Guard.  Kelly plans to become a pharmasist, we wish Kelly the best for her future.

Tom Dixon passes the gavel to incoming Region 3 President, Burl Hile's of Hiles Termite & Pest Control.     Tom has done an excellent job this past year getting speakers for our meetings, helping with our schools and keeping members up to date on industry news.  Thanks Tom for a job well done.

Burl Hiles, Region 3 President 2013-2014 presents a plaque of appreciation to outgoing President, Tom Dixon of US Pest Protection.

Jim Orr of Univar, gave a talk on Green Control for Bed Bugs. 

Tom Dixon President of Region 3 MTPCA  who also works with US Pest Protection conducted his last meeting of his 2012-2013 presidency.  Tom has done an excellent job in providing information speakers at our Region 3 meetings and helping with with our certification schools.    The members of Region 3 want to thank you Tom for a job well done.    Our next meeting will be July 18 and at that time Tom will hand the gavel over to Burl Hiles of Burl's Termite & Pest Control and we will be looking forward to seeing what Burl has to bring to the membership.

Rob Mulford of INFRA-ZONE gave a very informative and impressive talk on the use of thermal imaging to find termites, bees, wasp, mice etc. in obstructed areas.   Thermal imaging is used for finding a multitude of problems in structures  and finding insect harborage is just one of many.  for more information you can contact Rob at 615-815-7521 or at Rob@Infra-Zone.com  the web site is http://www.infra-zone.com/     

Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical company and the Region 3 Training Direction received a plaque of apprecition for his dedication to conducting schools to educate our members.  Dennis never hesitates to travel and put togehter programs and help Region 3 and TPCA along with numerous others with continued education.  Thank you Dennis for all your hard work, Region 3 memers appreciate the time and effort you put in continually.

Tom Nay of Rockwell Labs gave a very good talk on Using Baits and  & IPM.  Tom is a very good speaker and we appreciate him taking the time to educate us on bait usage.

Tom Dixon. Region 3 President brought up two Bills affecting the pest control industry that Andy Yant had brought to his attention after attending Legislative Day in Washington DC last week.  One Bill concerns  the Pest Elimination Services Transparency & Terminology (PESTT) Act and the other Federal Electronic Pesticide Use Records Legislation.   NPMA is strongly supporting these Bills.  You can read the Bills in the document below just past the comprehensive list of obamacare tax hikes about page 5.

Bills affecting the pest control industry

Burl Hiles of Burl's Termite & Pest Control in Estill Springs was elected the Region 3 2012-2013 President Designate.  Burl will take over as Region 3 President at our July meeting

Jerry Seabolt of the Tennesse Department of Agriculture is pictured with Region 3 President Tom Dixon with the Plaque of Appreciation that Dennis Waldrop presented on behalf of Region 3 to thank Jerry for always being availble to help with meetings, classes and information to better a company or work technique.  Jerry has worked with Region 3, TPCA and many other Regions for a lot of years and we really appreciate his help.

Dennis Waldrop presenting plaque to Jerry Seabolt

 Blake Dotson of Bayer gave a talk on Bayer products and their use in perimeter control.

 Nick Iverson of BASF was our guest speaker and he brought us up to date on the new Termidor HE.      Tom Dixon, President of Region 3 talked about TAPP (Tennessee Alliance for Pest Professionals and encouraged membership into this mentor program.  more information on TAPP can be found on the TAPP tab located to the left of this page.  Dennis and Carol mentioned upcoming training classes, the East TN Smokey Mountain conference and Paul Bello's Bed Bug 601 Advanced Seminar both coming in January.  information is located on our training tab.

Al Foster spoke to the members about PestWorld 2012  and the Special memership offer BASF/NPMA are offering for new members this year (see more on membership tab)  Al also mentioned the NPMA Southern Conference was coming up February 12 & 13, 2013 in Tunica Mississippi.    Tom Dixon is forming a membership committee to contact non-members and those who have not been members recently to see if we can get more companies involved in the pest control associations and let them know the benefits available.  NOMINATIONS:  Nominations were made for Region 3 2012-2013 President Designate.  The nominations were:  Burl Hiles of Burl's Termite & Pest Control in Estill Springs, TN and Deborah Seabolt of Orkin Pest Control in Murfreesboro, TN.  Ballots will be mailed out to members to be received and tallied before the January meeting.

Our guest speaker was Lee Barrett with Nisus.  Lee has been in the industry for 17 years working for U.S. Borax.  Lee currently is vice president of business development in the national and international market for Nisus corporation.  His topic was  Closed Crawlspaces - treatments & barriers and proved to be very informative.   

The Region 3 $1,000 scholarship was presented to Shonta Oliver who is a student at UT Martin.  Shonta is studying to become a Vet Technician.  Shonta is the daughter of Max and Regina Oliver of Bell Buckle, TN and owners of Quickstrike Pest Control.  We wish Shonta the very best in her future.

Julies Yant of P.E.S.T., inc. has served as the Region 3 president 2011-2012 and has done an excellent job of bringing informative speakers to each meeting and helping to bring our organization into the electronic age by introducing us to this Web site, mailchimp newsletter and facebook.  Thanks so much Julie for all your hard work.  Julie handed the gavel over to Tom Dixon of U.S. Pest Protection who will serve as our president 2012-2013 and Tom has started off great by inviting Dr. Karen Vale of UT Knoxville to this meeting to discuss odorous house ants.  We are looking forward to working with Tom.

Tom Dixon, president Region 3 TPCA presented Julie Yant with a plaque of appreciation for all her hard work during this past year.

Dr. Karen Vale professor of entomology UT Knoxville gave a presentation on odorous house ants.

Julie Yant,(P.E.S.T., Inc.) President of Region addressed the membership during her last full meeting.  Julie has done a wonderful job of arranging for informative, interesting speakers at our meetings this year and we thank her for her hard work.   Julie will hand the gavel over to Tom Dixon of US Pest Protection during the July meeting.

Jerry Seabolt, Structural Supervisor Ag Inputs & Pesticides addressed the May meeting with information on EPA changes you may see on product labels and also on the requirements for solicitors in Davidson county to have a permit.  Information on the permit can be found below in pdf format.

Metro Solicitors Permit

Ray Johnson, President NPMA was our guest speaker for the evening.  Ray is pictured here with Julie Yant, Region 3 TPCA President and Andy Yant, TPCA President.  Ray gave an overview on many of the services and opportunities the NPMA provides it's members and encouraged everyone to support and participate in NPMA.    The members of Region 3 TPCA want to thank Ray for taking time out of his busy schedule to address our meeting.

Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Co.  gave a presentation of Equipment Check List for Power Sprayers.

Jerry Seabolt of the TN Dept. of Agriculture discussed the Master Commercial Pest Control School that will be held at the Dept. of Ag. Barn on May 10, 2012.  The class is limited to 25 people, lasts all day and costs $50. (lunch will be provided)  A registration form and outline can be found under our training tab on this website.

    Paige gave an entertaining talk on how to rewrite your story personally or for your business.  If you would like to speak with Paige you can reach her at 615-504-5578 or paigemanuel@comcast.net .

Paige Manuel, Communications and Life coach                          Paige Manuel is a Communication and Life Coach whose vision is to be a loving, safe and positive presence nurturing people to emerge renewed, refocused and re-energized. She is a graduate of Coach University, the leading training institute for the coaching profession. In addition to being a trained facilitator of Couple Communication®, Paige applies the techniques of Appreciative Inquiry, Radical Forgiveness and Non-violent Communication in her practice. She combines this education with her gifted intuition, wisdom gained from life experience, as well as 8 years of professional coaching to bring each client a unique and transformational coaching experience. 

 MEETING TOPICS:  Jim Orr  gave an Rodent Update talk on proposed EPA changes in bait packaging and bait station placement.

We had a really good meeting on November 17.  Tom Dixon of US Pest Protection was announced as Region 3 2011-2012 President Designate, Tom will become President in July and we are happy to have him working with us.   Our guest speakers were Jason Elkins of Transparent Socail Media and Brian Cope of MGK, they both gave very informative talks and we appreciate them taking time to educate us of social media services and cockroaches.

Upcoming meetings and classes mentioned were:  The Smokey Mountain Conference in Pigeon Forge January 24-25     Region 3 Winter School February 1 at the Barn in Nashville   2012 Southern Conference February 9-10 in Tunica, MS and Legislative Day in Nashville February 21.  Registrations and links will be on our training site soon.

Tom Dixon, Region 3 President Designate

Julie Yant and Jason Elkins

 Brian Cope of MGK

Charles Alexander of Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) located at Volunteer State Community College gave a talk on the Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Don't Succeed.  the TSBDC has many classes and workshops available for free as well as consultations.  For more information go to http://www.tsbdc.org/ or call at 615-230-4780 or contact Charles at his email Charles.Alexander@volstate.edu

 David James of Forshaw Distribution gave an update on bed bug control methods.  

Senator Kerry Roberts spoke on small business survival.

  Hank Robison of FMC spoke on Ants

Randy Brewer passed the gavel to incoming President Julie Yant and Julie presented Randy with a plaque of appreciation for his term as President 2010-2011

Leah Sheppard was the Region 3 $1,000 Scholarship Award winner for 2011.  Leah will use the award toward her nursing education. 

our guest speaker was Jim Orr of Univar who gave a talk on bed bugs

guest speaker was Steve Sullivan of Bell Labs who talked on rodent control

Julie Yant was elected Region 3 President Designate

Matthew Job and Trevor Emerson of LSM Local Search Masters gave a presentation on better ways to get your company information on the web where it will be found easier by customers.  www.LocalSearchMasters.com

We had one nominaton for Regon 3 President Designate and that is Julie Yant of P.E.S.T., Inc.  The nominations will be open until January 13 for voting at the January 20 meeting.  There will be a write in box on the day of voting.  If you have any nominations please call Randy Brewer 931-359-2847 or Carol Lane 615-902-9684 by January 13.

We had an impressive turnout for the September meeting.  Randy invited Stewart Evers with TAP Insulation who gave a very informative presentation on boric acid treated insulation.  We are still seeking nomination for Region 3 President Designate, at this time we have no one to take the position in July 2011.  If you know of anyone or you yourself would like to take part, please let Randy or Carol know.  The nominated person must be a Joint Member of TPCA,  NPMA and Region 3.

We had a really good attendance at the July meeting where our current Region 3 President Andrew Douglas passed the gavel to incoming President Randy Brewer.  Randy then presented Andrew a plaque of appreciation for a job well done during his year as president.

     Our first Region 3 $1,000 scholarship was awarded at the meeting to Jeffrey Lane.  Jeffrey is a husband and father of two who served 11 years in the army doing tours in Bosnia, two in Iraq and in Hawaii.  During his assignment to these areas he met people and soldies of many cultures and learned to communicate with them and train many to work with him on Blackhawk helicopters.  Jeffrey enjoyed teaching the younger soldiers about politics helping them to understand why they are doing the job they are and also helping them in finance.  After his discharge Jeffrey enrolled to Austin Peay University where he is now in his senior year working to get his teachers license and plans to teach 7th through 12th grade levels.  His majour is political science with minors in economics and astronomy.  We want to wish Jeff the best with his future.

Despite the stormy weather there was a pretty decent turnout for the May meeting.Walt Weinwurm of Bayer gave an ant and bed bug treatment presentation. 

Tom Swett, President of TPCA talked about the upcoming TPCA Summer Conference to be held July 6-8 in Murfreesboro, (see the training tab for a registration form)  Andrew Douglas asked that everyone be sure to return their voting ballots to TPCA so their vote will count.  Andy Yant will be representing Region 3 in running for President Designate of TPCA and Al Foster is running for Region 2 of NPMA.  Both these gentelmen would make good representatives and we wish them the best of luck. 

Andy Yant running for President Designate TPCA

Al Foster running for Board Member Region 2 NPMA

There were 2 applicants who submitted for the Region 3 Scholarship.  The Past, Present and Future Presidents of TPCA will review the applicants and determine the winner.  A check for $1,000 will be presented at the July meeting to the winner.

There was a pretty good turnout for the March meeting of Region 3.   Dennis Waldrop and Jeff Baker of Oldham Chemical Company gave a safety equipment presentation,  Andy Yant spoke about the upcoming July TPCA  Summer Conference and Al Foster talked about the Lifetime Achievement awards that are due in by March 30th.  Andrew and Andy led a discussion on TPCA and how the new by-law changes will change the way officers are elected and serve and how this will allow the TPCA to go forward and grow.  Also Andy Yant was nominated by the membership to be Region 3 to run for TPCA President Designate for the upcoming 2010-2011 year.  Election ballots will be sent out, please vote for Andy if he is put on the TPCA ballot.

We once again had an excellent turnout for such a rainey night.  Our President Andrew Douglas opened up the meeting by welcoming our guest speaker Gary Cunningham and his partner David Oliphant of NationLink who gave a presentation  on making wireless Easy from phones to blackberry's.  They have a lot of ways to help your office run smoothly. you can get more information about their services at www.mynationlink.com

We had two very good nominees for Region 3 President Designate:

Randy Brewer of A-1 Exterminating our of Lewisburg TN and

Tom Dixon of US Pest Protection

Votes were cast and Randy Brewer was elected our new President Designate.  Randy will take the President position in July.  We look forward to Randy's leadership in our next year and we thank Tom Dixon for his dedication to Region 3 and also look forward to work with him.

Tom Swett, our TPCA President was on hand to give updates on the Tennessee Pest Control Association, proposed changes in by-laws, structure of the TPCA officers and to talk about the Legislative Day Meeting coming February 16 and the Summer Conference which will be held in Murfreesboro in July.  Tom is doing a great job at TPCA president and is working very hard at making our Association one that works together well statewide for the benefit of all the members.

We had an excellent turnout for the November Region 3 TPCA meeting.   Our President Andrew Douglas acquired a very interesting speaker and If you couldn't be there you missed an excellent talk by Glen Cruzen of Master Stucco, he gave some very valuable information about termite, ant and moisture problems associated with stucco homes.  If you need his assistance in answering questions for for work on a problem with stucco homes he can be reached at (615) 226-0202.


Jerry Seabolt of the Department of Agriculture updated everyone on the Rules and Regulations and complemented the companies on their compliance. 

There were two nominations for Region 3 President Designate:Randy Brewer of A-1 Pest Control in Lewisburg andTom Dixon with US Pest Protection in HendersonvilleThe President Designate will be voted on at our January 21st meeting. REGION 3 BY-LAW ADDITION:The membership voted to add a paragraph to our by-laws under membership:It will read 'a paid member of another Region of TPCA can also have membership in Region 3 at a cost of $50 for the purposes of certification training and attending Bi-monthly meetings only and will have not voting privileges representing Region 3' This is to be in alignment with TPCA rule of one vote per company. The Region 3 Winter School is scheduled for January 26, registration attached.  Mailings will go out this week.  We have a wonderful program and want to Thank Dennis of Oldham chemical Co., David James of Forshaw Distribution, Joe Manna of Univar and Tom Nay or Rockwell Labs Ltd. For their continued support.  Without these gentlemen we would be hard pressed to get the certification training required. A REALLY BIG THANK YOU goes to Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Co. And Gary Potts of Forshaw Distribution for picking up the dinner tab.  We really appreciate the dinner

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD:  Al Foster stated it is once again time for the Lifetime Achievement Award nominees.  please select someone you think is deserving and submit his/her name to Al by the first of April.  Al Foster   615-883-8526 or e mail to al@allamericanpestcontrol.com 


lifetime achievement award

  Round Up

Mike LaFever of Belle Meade Exterminating gave a talk on "AIE PAST PRESENT FUTURE"

Kimberly Wiggins of First Tennesse Bank and her Team talked about numerous financial services available at their bank.

Congratulations to our Region 3 member Erin Richardson on the birth of her baby boy.  Baby Brooks weighed in at 5 lbs. 14 oz.   Erin works with her father Al Foster Jr. of All American Pest Control.

Our July meeting had a large attendance once again.  Andy Yant of P.E.S.T. Inc, our current President, brought the meeting to order and then handed the gavel to the incoming President for 2009-2010 Andrew Douglas of Belle Meade Exterminating.  Andrew then presented Andy with a plaque of appreciation for all the hard work he did this past year.  Andy did a wonderful job and really worked hard to keep the membership informed of the various Bills and topics that were going on between Region 3, TPCA and the State.  Great job Andy!

Tim Green of Green's Exterminating was nominated as President Designate for Region 3, no other nominations have been presented at this time.

Jeff Baker of Oldham Chemical and Walter Mendieta of Atlantic Paste & Glue representing Catchmaster gave brief talks on safety equipment and rodent products.

June  Special Called Meeting

Andy Yant called a Special Meeting or Region 3 on June 4 to discuss questions about a TPCA By-Law as how it outlines qualifications and eligibility for TPCA officers.  Also, Tom Sweat the incoming  TPCA President of the  wanted to address the members concerning his qualifications for taking this office and discuss a Special Called TPCA Board of Director's meeting that will be held next week.  All questions and reservations appeared to be answered by the end of the meeting. 

May Meeting

The May Meeting of Region 3 MTPCA was attended extremely well by over 60 people and proved to be informative and at times a little heated but in the end all was well and we hope everyone has a better understanding of what each person is trying to accomplish for the good of the TPCA and Regions.  

We elected a new President for the 2009 - 2010 year.  Andrew Douglas of Belle Meade Exterminating was elected by majority vote and he has some very good ideas for the future of Region 3.  Earl Singleton of Teminix ran against Andrew and also gave some very good points in improving Region 3 and the TPCA members as a whole.  We congratulate both these men for their interest in making our Associations stronger and more productive.

Mark Nadolski and Sandy Lowrey of TPCA also attended and Mark addressed the audience for a question and answer session on why he wants to continue as President of TPCA and more clarification on the 'no treat' bill and TPCA's reasons for voting as they did.  Mike LaFever of Belle Meade Exterminating, Tom Swett of Ameri Care Services and Andy Yant of P.E.S.T. also pointed out and clairfied more on the Bill and questioned some of TPCA's actions.  All in all things got kinda heated and pretty exciting.  Only the future will tell how all of this will turn out - hopefully all parties will come to some kind of unity in the future.

Walt Weinwurm of Bayer Environmental gave a presentation on Tempriod SC insecticide and Gary Potts briefly introduced the new bedbug detecting, monitoring and trapping device called NightWatch.  He will probably go into more depth about this unit at the July meeting but in the meantime you can go to http://www.biosensory.com/nightwatch.html for more information.  These are available at Forshaw Distribution right now.


From: andydouglas@comcast.net [mailto:andydouglas@comcast.net]

Good afternoon to all,

I wish to say thank you to all that came out to participate in our Region 3 meeting in general and election in particular. I sincerely appreciate those that were in support of my candidacy and trusted me with the privilege of serving as your President. I also appreciate those of you that supported Mr. Singleton. It is obvious that his passion for the industry, association and customers of the same is genuine and is a great role model and an asset to all.

I hope to earn your respect and trust by working hard to ensure a level playing field for the benefit of all members. It is my personal belief that the majority should always rule and no process should ever be such that anything less is possible within reason. My desire is to fan the fires of enthusiasm that exists today to encourage more members that are willing, into leadership positions. Our bylaws already encourage and allow for some boards and committees that I do not believe are either being used at all or at least not to their fullest capabilities. Our associations on the local, state and national level should not be a spectator sport. I envision a day that we will have multiple capable and eager members that can't wait to serve in leadership positions, not to pad a resume or personal gain but out of enthusiasm and a feeling of servitude. The legislation issue showed me and anyone observing that the great people of this industry are more than willing to sacrifice and unite when the call of need or alarm goes out. I just wish it took neither to cause it.

As Mr. Singleton mentioned last night unity is paramount to our success as an association. Regardless of which side of the most current issue you found yourself on, at the end of the day when the dust settles, we'll all meet up down at the store and have a coke and a moon pie. Tomorrow we'll be shirts and ya'll be skins and we'll all be happy playin' ball no matter who wins. I have been blessed to finally live long enough to gain the wisdom that my adversary of today will likely to be my greatest ally tomorrow.   

Thanks again for the honor of serving and I look forward to seeing you all in July and bring a friend.

Andrew R. Douglas
Director of Operations
Belle Meade Exterminating

Our Guest Speaker at the March meeting was Steve Hardwick of Dynamark.  Steve gave a presentation on why Direct Mail is an important part of your marketing strategy.  Steve gave examples of services his company can offer such as project consultation, graphic design, mail list management and acquisition, plan management and many other services available.  If you are interested in talking with Steve about your marketing strategies you can call at 615-883-1813 ex 238 or email him at steveh@dggink.com   you can take a look at the Dynamark web site at www.dggink.com   

The Senate Bill 1548 and House Bill 1512 on the 'no treat' termite contract proposed amendments was discussed by Mike LaFever and Tom Swett.  The Bills were to go before the legislature on March 24.


At our January meeting, Jason Elkins, along with his associate Jeff, of Keystone Business Solutions, presented a very informative program on ways to market your business using the web, and most of these ways are free.  If you would like more information, you can contact Jason at jelkins@kbsweb.com  or call him at 615-826-3500.  Jason has additional free classes in Hendersonville that you can sign up for, to learn how you can use the web to grow your business.  The pdf file below provides information on class subjects and dates.                                                                               

keystone solutions

Jeff & Jason of Keystone SolutionsJeff & Jason of Keystone Solutions


TPCA:  The TPCA is seeking nominations for President Elect.  Please let Andy know if you have someone you'd like to nominate.

Dennis Waldrop, Don Baker and Jeff Baker are your contacts from Oldham Chemical.  They regularly attend and support our meetings and schools.  

Joe Manna is your contact for Univar and he is also a strong supporter of Region 3 and TPCA, we appreciate his news updates and continued support

David James and Gary Potts your representatives from Forshaw who have also long supported Region 3 and their activities.

At our November meeting, we had a presentation by Chuck Nelson and his associate Diana Sosa, of Dog Inspectors, who have dogs that can detect live termites, bed bugs and mold.  He did a demonstration with his dog, Mattie, finding some hidden bed bugs, and it was quite impressive and very fast.  They do no pest control, just find the insects or mold.  This could be a valuable and time saving tool for some companies.  If you would like to contact them, call 615-771-6842.  You can see all about them on their web site  www.doginspectors.com