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The primary purpose of re-certification is to further enhance the skills of applicators and routinely update their knowledge as new information + technologies become available. (requirements posted below are for the state of Tennessee)

Categories                 Points Per Year                  Total for 3 Year Period
7 & 12                               10                                       30
1,3,6,8 & 10                        6                                        18
2,4 & 5                               4                                        12
11,13,14,15 & 16                 3                                         9

**CERTIFICATION INFORMATION:   you cannot earn more than 75% of your total point requirement at any one school.  Half of your points each year can be earned in-house.  If you shuld have any questions, please give our certification section a call  615-837-5310

check your point status:  https://agriculture.tn.gov/listcommpts.asp


  A new certification period will be January 1 - December 31 each year.

Region 3 TPCA Spring school 2018-   Registration Review from Dept. of Agriculture lists Current months  approved schools   -  Point Pursuit - - All-Points   -   Smokey Mountain Conference   -   Apprentice Termite School - Bed Bug & Cockroach Management Meeting

Information on these schools are listed below, 

Joint Membership 2018-2019

Discounts rates for Region 3 schools are given for Region 3 members.  A joint membership form is provided here, membership runs from July 1 to June 30 each year.  Membership to Region 3 ONLY, Branch membership and Limited membership is available in certain circumstances, call carol for questions on membership, the number is provided on the form.

 Training & Certification Schools Coming in the Area:    I will list any training I find in the Middle Tennessee area as I receive it below.  If you see a logo but no school information it is because that school was already held but may be held again in this area so I will leave the contact information to be available for you to research.


NOTE:  REMEMBER, FOR THIS CYCLE YOU ONLLY HAVE 2 1/2 YEARS TO ACQUIRE ALL OF YOUR POINTS.  THIS CERTIFICATION CYCLE WILL RUN FROM JANUARY 2018 - JUNE 30, 2020.  Starting July 1, 2020 we will again begin a 3 year cycle to June 30, 2023.

2019 Spring School Region 3 MTPCA

TENNESSEE POINTS:  7 in 7, 10 & 12   6 in 8 and 3 in all other categories



TPCA SCHOOLS           Sandy will begin schools in August and September,  a list is provided once scheduled and can also be found on the TPCA website   http://tennesseepestcontrolassociationinc.com/5101.html


Point Pursuit classes have not been scheduled yet, please check back at a later date, they usually begin in August.

A Dept. of Agriculture monthly newsletter with information on:  Applying Pesticides in TN,  Apprentice Termite School Dates, Applicator Certification Schools, New Products in TN and label changes and new pest control companies

Registration Review Jan 2019

Registration Review Dec 2018

    All study materials comes from UT-Knoxville and can be ordered by calling 865-974-1286 or by going to their website http://psep.utk.edu/secondlevel/materials.htmdvv  


We are pleased to announce the 4th Annual Tennessee Bed Bug and Cockroach Management Meeting to be held August 1, 2018 at the UT Conference Center, 600 Henley Street, Knoxville, TN. We’ll have nationally and internationally renowned speakers (Dini Miller, Phil Koehler, Rick Cooper and Ben Hottel) to present hot topics on bed bug and cockroach management. And, just in case your questions aren't answered during the earlier sessions, we wrap up the meeting with a question and answer session with the panel of speakers. More information on the meeting can be found at https://ag.tennessee.edu/bedbugs/Pages/TCBB2018.aspx . Registration is available at https://tiny.utk.edu/BBmtg2018 and closes on July 24.



•        Community-wide bed bug management successes, Rick Cooper, Rutgers Univ.

•        Combinations of quick inspections and monitors: Which is best for bed bug detection in multi-unit structures? Karen Vail, University of Tennessee

•        Is this the future of bed bug detection: electronic monitors? Dini Miller, VA Tech

•        Bed bug prevention, Phil Koehler, University of Florida

•        Bed bugs: locomotion, pyrethroids and glue, Ben Hottel, Florida A & M

•        Is room preparation for bed bug treatments really necessary? Rick Cooper, Cooper Pest Solutions

•        Want successful pest management? Get the contract right! Dini Miller, VA Tech

•        Question and answer session on bed bug and cockroach management, all speakers



We are excited about this more spacious venue. Lunch and parking (as long as you use the Locust St. Parking Garage) are provided with registration. Should you have time to visit Knoxville, we are only a few blocks from Market Square with many excellent dining options. Several hotels are within walking distance, including the Knoxville Hilton, Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown and the Crowne Plaza Knoxville Downtown.


Hope to see you there.



Karen Vail

Professor and Extension Urban Entomologist

Entomology & Plant Pathology

370 Plant Biotechnology Building, 2505 E.J. Chapman Drive

Knoxville, TN 37996-4560


865-974-7138 Office / 865-567-0617 Mobile / 865-974-8868 Fax

kvail@utk.edu | https://ag.tennessee.edu/EPP/Pages/Vail.aspx


The Smokey Mountain Conference will be held in East Tennessee in January .  Registration should be available in the winter.  contact Melinda Hairelson at Russell's Pest Control 865-588-6365 or e-mail at mhairelson@russellspest.com .   registration and program go to www.ETPCA.org  approved for points in KY, AL, WV, GA, NC, TN 

CLASSES:  Scott Burnett - go to his web site for a list of these classes and registration or call 901-289-2178.  The cost is $100 and covers ALL CATEGORIES so if you are in need of a lot of points or those hard to find category classes this is the class for you.   http://www.allpoints123.com/about-allpoints.html     To register go online at www.allpoints123.com  or call 901-289-2178  10 POINTS ALL CATEORIES  $100 per person 

2016 -October 24 Knoxville - October 25 Nashville - October 26 Memphis

 REGISTRATION GO  online:  www.allpoints123.eventbrite.com

http://www.npmapestworld.org/events/    Find a calendar of events on this site.

2018 Pest World in

You can register online at www.npmapestworld.org


A list of classes around the state, organized by the UT Extension, can be found in the following file

http://psep.utk.edu   You will find information of Training Dates, upcoming Meetings, Study Materials TDA forms & fact sheets and much more.

Certification training occurs the first Wednesday of each month in Knoxville. It is downlinked by interactive television to ETUS, UT Chattanooga, UT Extension District Office in Nashville and UT West Tennessee Center in Jackson if enough people preregister.   Current Certification and Recertification Training Dates    Go to http://psep.utk.edu to register, click on Training Dates.

Preregister by using the Commercial Applicator Training Registeration Form F817 or through the eMarketplace

 UT Extension Curent Workshops/Seminars categories 1,2,3,6,7,10 & 12 

   http://www2.ca.uky.edu/entomology/shortcourse/          REGISTRATION AND PROGRAM

Lexington KY at the Lexington Convention Center.   See the website above for Short Course information, Agenda and registration form.  NEW: you can now pay by credit card by contacting Darlene at (859)257-5955 or e-mail: dthorpe@uky.edu