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YEAR        PRESIDENT                           Company                                                    Secretary
1978            Bill Oliphant                           Home Pest Control                                     Don Baker
1979            Dave Mitchell                        Hill Smith   
1980            Tom Swint                             Mack Pest Control  
1981            Jim Simmons Jr                    Simmons Pest Control  
1982            Doug Snyder                        Snyder's Pest Control  
1983            Gary Green                          Green's Termite & Pest Control  
1984            Clark Lewis                          All State Termite & Pest Control  
1985            Al Foster Jr                          All American Termite & Pest Control          Carol Lane
1986            Joe Johnson                        Tennessee Valley Exterminating  
1987            Tommy Swint                       Mack Pest Control  
1988            Mark Garrett                        Hill Smith   
1989            Max Dillard                          Gaylord Opryland  
1990            Richmond Smith                  Universal Termite & Pest Control                                   1990            Dennis Waldrop                   Walker White Termite & Pest Control                         

1991              Bob Bango                           Bango's Pest Control  
1992              Bob Bango                           Bango's Pest Control  
1993              Mike Roleman                      Terminix                                                                                                                                                       
1993              Arlyn Hill                              Cook's Pest Control       
1994              Arlyn Hill                              Cook's Pest Control  
1995               Sam Peden                         US Pest Protection  
1996               Bill Barker                           Home Pest Control of Middle TN 
1997               Robert Curtis                      Curtis Pest Control  
1997-1998     Gary Hardison                     L&H Termite & Pest Control  
1998-1999     Roy White                           Walker-White Termite & Pest Control  
1999-2000     David Luther                       Cato's Exterminating  
2000-2001     Mike LaFever                      Belle Meade Pest Control  
2001-2002     Andrew Douglas                 US Pest Protection  
2002-2003     Sandra Sweeney                A-One Pest Control  
2003-2004     Thomas Cothern                Action Pest Control  
2004-2005     Terry Spray                        Spray's Exterminating  
2005-2006     Dale Sheppard                   Belle Meade Pest Control 
2006-2007     Tim Brown                          State Line Exterminating  
2007-2008     Tom Swett                          Ameri Care Services  
2008-2009     Andy Yant                           P.E.S.T inc.  
2009-2010     Andrew Douglas                 Belle Meade Exterminating  
2010-2011     Randy Brewer                     A-1 Exterminating  
2011-2012     Julie Yant                            P.E.S.T inc. 
2012-2013     Tom Dixon                          US Pest Protection  
2013-2014     Burl Hiles                            Burl's Termite & Pest Control 
2014-2015     Johnnie Hunter                   Ace Exterminating  
2015-2016     Michael Clark                     P.E.S.T inc. 
2016-2017     Patrick Smith                      Ace Exterminating  
2017-2018     Michael Clark                      P.E.S.T inc.  
2018-2019     Blake Southerland              Northwest Exterminating
2019-2020     Bobby Yant                        P.E.S.T. inc.

2020-2021    Bobby Yant                       Grubbs Pest Control

2021-2022    Erin Richardson                    All American Pest Control
2022-2023   George Simpson                    Northwest Exterminating

2023-2024    Blake Foster                  All American Pest Control