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The Region 3 Middle Tennessee Pest Control Association (MTPCA) is a group of middle Tennessee pest control company owners, operators and industry specialists who come together to learn from each other and educate our peers in the science and need of pest management, while protecting the integrity of man and our environment.

JOINT MEMBERSHIP: We are a joint membership association with a yearly fee that provides membership to the Tennessee Pest Control Association (TPCA), Region 3 Middle Tennessee Pest Control Association (MTPCA) and National Pest Management Association (NPMA).  Membership


  Joint Membership 2019-2020
NOTE: there are now 2 columns - column A is for TPCA & NPMA and column B is for the Region be sure to add both when sending in your form.

Membership runs July 1 to June 30 and must be renewed each year.  If you have questions about membership call Carol Lane 615-497-2359 or Sandy Griffis 1-800-730-6751    NOTE:  This form can be used for membership in the Knoxville and Memphis Regions and all other Regions, 

Carol Lane, Region 3 MTPCA Secretary                                                                                     

  615-497-2359 or 615-902-9684 address:   kayakcarol@bellsouth.net 3210 East Lake Dr. Nashville, TN  37214

Sandy Griffis, Tennessee Pest Control Association Executive Director                                                1-931-629-9364

President  2018-2019:  Blake Southerland, NorthWest Exterminating: office 615-890-4161  cell 615-788-0653

President Designate 2018-2019   Bobby Yant, P.E.S.T. Inc.  office 615-851-4912

President Designate 2019-2020  Ryan Roth, Terminix commercial 909-772-9459

Past President 2017-2018:  Michael Clark, P.E.S.T., Inc.  615-382-9774 

Past President  2016-2017:  Patrick Smith, ACE Exterminating  office: 615-975-1401


Secretary:  Carol Lane  ph: 615-497-2359 or 615-902-9684                             E:  kayakcarol@bellsouth.net  & Co-Training Director

MTPCA Training Director:  Dennis Waldrop of Oldham Chemical Co.

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